December 13, 2011

Runaway Bloopers

Creating this film was one of the most trying experiences all three of us have ever encountered. Runaway started out as a class final project Shaniqua had to complete by the end of the Fall Semester. She partnered with a girl...(let's call her Anna).

Anna wasn't doing any work leaving Shaniqua to write the script by herself. After she was done Anna read the script and was a little apprehensive about having an all African American cast -____- ANYWAYS...

We felt it was better and the class' professor thought it was a great idea!  >__< (her sour face) So we went ahead with the movie. 

To make a LONG story short Shaniqua and Anna ended up separating and Emarjay created the film. Some of it had to be re-shot because the partner decided she didn't want to give back the footage her and Shaniqua shot while they were partners. 

Moving right along we created shooting schedules and began studying some of the Actors and Actresses strengths and weaknesses so we could play off of them. The actors got along so it was a pretty cohesive environment.

AMBER- Played by Kiana Johnson was a joy to have on the set she is a complete giggle box even at 2o'cock in the morning!

JERMAINE- Played by Kevin Toy was able to pull off one of those oscar winning cries and if he didn't remember his line we could count on him to make up SOMETHING!

BRIAN- Played by Albert Curry  has a corky personality and was able to pull off the fun/serious character that we needed him to play.  (We know his name is not said in the movie)

JASMINE- Played by Kabrena Robinson was happy to act as Jermaine's cousin and she is also Kevin's girlfriend.

NURSE- Played by Ariana Smith was a great sport and let us re-shoot in her room after we told her Anna stole the film. She is currently in Grad School and we were happy that she fit us into her schedule.

ASHLEY- couldn't stand late night shooting, but loved editing until the wee hours in the morning

SHANIQUA- was falling asleep standing up and had a short fuse after a while!

RASHANDRA- was Rashandra! Lol

During the filming we almost lost two lives Ashley and Shaniqua. Ashley almost passed out at the park from not eating and Shaniqua almost passed out in class from not eating. Rashandra always had snacks on DECK tho! 

We know the bumps and glitches in this movie and we were happy to be able to learn from them. Next time we'll be more prepared and think 20 steps ahead so production can run smoother and Shaniqua isn't going to partner up with anymore crazy people.

All and all it was a great experience working together. Can't wait to shoot the next one!