January 05, 2012

Casting for a Black Love Documentary

Greeting UF,
We are Emarjay Films a new video production company at the University of Florida and currently we are in the process of looking for people who would be interesting in being casted in our Documentary about Black Love. Members from FISS are working with us and we are hustling to have this project done by February 14th (Valentines Day). 

We want to interview different black couples from the elderly to the young, open to the closed relationships and all in between. This documentary will be shot by a professional crew with new high tech, Christmas present, HD equipment. 

We will be shooting in Weimer's Studio G001. The subjects that we'll be touching on and the questions that will be asked will be centered on your love life and how you feel your relationship is going.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable with a question or don’t want to answer just politely say so and we would move right along with the interview. Space/ Time is limited and relationship slots will be filled first come first serve. 

We already have a few couples signed up but we wanted to open this to the general public. This is going to be BIG

Types of Relationships
Elderly Married
Elderly Together
Mid Life Married
Mid Life Together
Young Married
Young Together
Culturally Balanced
Culturally Imbalanced
Long Distance

If you think you are interested email us at EmarjayFilms@gmail.com or text this number 904-207-2582