January 05, 2012

Casting for a Black Love Documentary

Greeting UF,
We are Emarjay Films a new video production company at the University of Florida and currently we are in the process of looking for people who would be interesting in being casted in our Documentary about Black Love. Members from FISS are working with us and we are hustling to have this project done by February 14th (Valentines Day). 

December 13, 2011

Runaway Bloopers

Creating this film was one of the most trying experiences all three of us have ever encountered. Runaway started out as a class final project Shaniqua had to complete by the end of the Fall Semester. She partnered with a girl...(let's call her Anna).

Anna wasn't doing any work leaving Shaniqua to write the script by herself. After she was done Anna read the script and was a little apprehensive about having an all African American cast -____- ANYWAYS...