November 11, 2011

Tale of the MissPelled Shirts!

Look at this foolishness!!!  We go through these crazy times like ALL THE TIME but this one was definitely blog worthy!!!

We went to an embroidery kiosk in the Oaks mall to get 3 cami's embroidered for a wedding shoot we filmed that Saturday. When Ashley and Shaniqua came back to pick them up they were shocked to find that the name had been misspelled.

Ashley had spelled the name for the vendor and he wrote it down on a sticky not but coincidentally when she asked to see the sticky note again, the man said he couldn't find it... -_-  He was  a good sport about it and redid them for THE FREE! =D So in the end we had our black cardigan and embroidered cami for our wedding video shoot. That video should be coming soon!

Congrats to the Louis Family!