November 04, 2011

Casting Call!

The casting call turned out to be amazing! We weren't expecting it, but we caught the eye of people of all different size, shape and color! These two jokesters here had to act out a confrontation scene and knocked the painting off the wall in the art gallery #icant! All the main roles have been assigned all we need now is


No, a movie Extra is not a Main role but they do bring movies to life! What would the movie Barbershop have been without the people sitting in the barbers' chairs or Friday without the neighbors watching Craig getting his behind kicked. Every great film has extras and so should this one. We will be needing extras in the near future and will be keeping you  all posted.

Times and Locations TBA

Photos will be taken...
Walk-ins are welcome
Acting experience is not required. 
You don't have to be dazzling, eye-catching or stunningly beautiful to be an extra.
Working as a movie extra can lead to larger, principal acting day
Tell a friend and you to can be extras together
Go Gators