November 02, 2011

Rashandra Vs. Carey

Let the record show! Emarjay films just struck a deal with CMays Photography! >=) A week ago Ashley was visiting our dear mentor, and well  renown  photographer,  Carey Mays. When a negotiable deal came across the table he said we (Emarjay) could name a price and they'd be paying! Today we discussed the time commitment and what locations we were planning to film at BUT...

when the subject of money came up all of a sudden you would have thought a little fairy pranced in and sprinkled "forgetful" pixie dust all over Carey! He told us UF doesn't have money to give to our poor little growing business. Tempers flared and chairs went flying as we battled to come to a consensus. 

After about a 30 minute struggle Ashley grew tired and  our poor ole' mentor was considering taking on the job all by himself! Ashley couldn't let him do that! So she called for back up and in walked Rashandra. Her tactics were a little more blunt than Ashley's, but she wasn't leaving until a a deal was struck. In the end a little money, labor and some guidance was put on the table in exchange for a few Emarjay Films. 

And we got the Pinky Promise to prove it!