November 02, 2011

TOGA! TOGA! Ready set Frolic!

So this year's BSU Homecoming theme was Greece! And what's a Greek theme without Togas!?! Shooting this video was fun but it was also a race against the sun. When we initially got there the wind was blowing, the birds were chirping and those DARN campus squirrels kept running into our shots! But in the end we got what we came for.

The lady contestants got dressed up in their Togas and came down ready film. The most asked question of the evening "What do I do?" We looked at each other and politely responded "FROLIC". Eventually they caught on to the feel of the video and everybody got into character. Especially Sitota! Home girl was giving us Face and she wasn't even looking at the camera.

As for the men contestants... they were men. No frolicking for them. 

While shooting this video, there were some variables that were beyond our control. We didn't want to get UF students in the background of our shots but when you're shooting on North Lawn there's only so much you can do. Also since we had to shoot in the evening time we tried to shoot as much as we could while the sun was still producing good lighting. 


In the editing room we mapped out how we wanted the video to look and got to work. It wasn't until it got really late that delirium began to set in. Ashley began to black out and kept forgetting Final Cut Pro short cuts, Shaniqua was freaking out about a short film script that she needed to finish and Rashandra was scouting for lead actors on Facebook. 

We eventually left the editing lab around 3am and went to our respective homes... gotta love the production crew lifestyle.